Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks! Motherfuckers!

Thanks to all the bloggeratti Motherfuckers. You have been bringing me a lot of hits (100+) by pasting the link of my blog in your fucking little orkut scrapbooks.

Fuck you all. You can all fuck off from this blog and die on the train tracks for all I care. Your poems suck worse than my poems and you are NOT creating awareness. Besides, you are all fat and ugly.

regular readers, I apologize for the disturbance, I mean a poet has to deal with the stupidity of the people in his own ways. There will be a poem on "The Eternal Conflict" tomorrow. 

Can't forget the monkeys can we?

Oh, by the way have you seen the rocking pink header at A Story A Day? No? have a look, link is on this page somewhere. :)


  1. KH...he he, abhi to pyaar se baat kar raha hoon :P

    IG...just a trailer babe, just a tiny glimpse ;)


  2. Angst ridden teen i suppose...just like all the others ?

    Doesn't matter though ..i do like your poetry.