Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This blog has completed one year

Huzzah! to all the readers, commenters, linkers, weird stuff searchers and in short everyone who ever pointed their unfortunate browsers to the URL of this blog.

I have BIG things planned for this blog in the near future.

We are going to monitize this blog, we gonna get a cooler template, a FUCK load of google ads and then make FUCK loads of Money to buy A NEW INTERNET CONNECTION!!! An Mp3 player, and comics, and books and maybe some food and clothes but the big reason>>>> so that we can write MORE poetry at REGULAR basis!! :D

Right, please wish me luck in the comments section, if you have any suggestion please say so, and if you have always read but never commented on this blog, now is the best time to de-lurk!

Cheeers !!

here's to another year and more!