Sunday, July 20, 2008


The group got together at last.
They all wanted to take action fast
Let's take something that's sensitive they said
The all sat together and scratched their heads

One said I know let's write about pollution
Other said no man, to pollution there is no solution
Another said let's write about the corruption in the system
Got a reply, hey even we do it to get work done

Then various topics got thrown in the air
They all ended with neither here nor there
Scrabbling at the mess their thoughts had become
None of the topics could give them any fun

The one fucker found out someone's pain they could use
Hey fuckers let's write poems about child abuse.
Give pens to monkeys and this is what will happen.
Motherfuckers all.


  1. how have u been doing dude?
    fucking well i suppose ;)
    or southparkish!!

  2. hey!! cmmon yaar..
    its not so bad. the contest is jus a way to increase awareness.. its not to mock d victims or anythng like tht..
    i knw sum ppl hv used a lot of flowery language to describe incidents n stuff.. but the core idea was not that.

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  4. we had a discussion abt this already. i told u that i as the owner of bloggeratti, wanted to hold a was just my idea,so if u think it was disgusting, please spare THE OTHER MEMBERS the "MF" adornments uve decorated this post with.i told u that i wanted a sensitive topic, and remembered that a sr member of elaan, an NGO dealing with child sexual abuse was a member of bloggeratti too, so this topic cud maybe even help Elaan in their campaign. i cudve put any light hearted theme and wudve recieved more than a 100 entries. but i wanted to keep a theme that wud make bloggers think abt child abuse victims' plights too.a lot of members did appreciate me, not for the contest, but for puttin up a theme that made em think abt ppl who needed a voice.

    if writing abt sensitive topics amounts to mocking at them, then mebbe all of us shud even stop blogging abt daily happening. lets not have "childrens' days" , "world environments days", independence days,"years of the girl child", "anti infanticide" drives. its mocking at em, aint it? :|

    my intentions were noble. all my blogger frnds can vouch on that.
    my conscience is clear.

    and if u still aren't convinced, i dunno wat else to say

    or maybe u just ran out of ideas and needed something to blog abt :|

    and ur no one to make sweeping judgments on whos a good writer and who's not. who u callin monkeys? :|

  5. Looks like ur someone whosgot no compassion watsoevr. I pity u for the way u think.

  6. I dont know who you are. But i can definitely figure out sumthin sir. that in your past you too hve been abig time VICTIM to CHILd ABUSE. No matter how ironically u shrug it off... We know what we are doing. If you call it mocking, it is your own perspective. And if We call it Fighting for a is ours. I donot want you to trust pur ways, you wouldn't and we don't want you to either. Ask the people who are writing. They feel. And mine you, often sarcasm spoils the brightest colours. And you yourself, have MOCKED... big time.. at the real victims.. by making it obvious that it is a "fun thing" to try to come up with ways to help them out.
    thank you.

  7. Oracle...

    hey! :) I'm brilliant! how are you? Very southparkish actually.


  8. KH...
    Maybe the contest was to increase's more of a mockery now...however these people are going about it, its not the way to go about it.


  9. Cris...
    at least have the decency not to copy paste sentences from your bloggerrati community on my blog.

    Jesus man, you are palagrizing yourself!
    Thanks for your views.

  10. Alisha...

    "I was seven
    and I knew the taste of semen."

    No, this is not me getting abused, this is the kind of poems that people are writing in your "contest".

    With all due respect, madam, Fuck Off.

    Writing in capital letters only makes you look stupid. You words hold no water.

    Shoo now.


  11. told ya... ur perspective dear.
    thts the way you feel.
    We dont. For us.. those same words... convey the has been dragged into. the force by which young hearts are forced to live in adult world.
    You speak of insulting and are so hollow in nature. You dont know to address a lady... lol.. pity u

  12. I think I told you to fuck off in the last message.

    What part of Fuck Off was unclear?

  13. understood every part of it sir..but dint bother to pay heed...
    luk at you...
    you cant stand corrections.. lol.. u cant stand being corrected....
    u r obsessed with the thought that you are correct.. n.. u can go any distance to prove it.. even if u wil never be able to..


    im kinda njoin this...

  14. I'm not obsessed with being right. I'm happy with being wrong too. You can not correct me.
    You might be enjoying my intelligent retorts, but you are boring me.


  15. Who is even thinking of correcting you...??? You are an individual with ur own set of rights n whtevas dear.. n so am i.. and so is everybody here..

    U gettin bored...?? try thinking of sumthin useful to do... lol.. btw..
    nice way of spendin ur useless night...keep on... u r becoming sum gr8 source of PJs for me..

  16. sweetheart im soooooooo tired...

    we'll quarrel tomorrow.. okies??


    take care ok??