Friday, July 11, 2008

Hey amigo!

I was walking down the road with a Dew in my hand
Not caring about the world or trying to understand
Global warming or pollution don't give me no sweat
This planet is fucked up and we dare not forget

But hey amigo
Where else can we go?

I woke up on Sunday and had a sip of Dew
Newspapers told me the news of me and you
We were famous for our 15 minutes and soon will be gone
I was fucking sad to think, I'd be sleeping alone

But hey amigo
Who else do the papers know?

I went to the office after breaking fast with dew
The world looked down and beaten, pasted with glue
It was Monday morning what else did I expect?
Got kicked from the job with a 40K check!

But hey amigo
..did you say 40K? Woah!!

When evening came I fell in love with a girl
She was drinking dew and my heart did unfurl
I stood and stared as that ichor dripped from her lips
As she left I stood there staring at her hips

Oh hey amigo

Is this love again? oh NO!


Hey amigo, comment, no!