Thursday, May 15, 2008

Space Monkey- The Sacrifice

It was made in the year 2008
The wooden rocket fueled by hate
The monkeys sent it up in the sky
For fuck's sake don't ask me why!

The lone monkey in the shuttle sat
Upside down like a bat
Pulling twines, pricking leaves and shit
Trying hard to control his ship

It spun above the deserted earth
The planet of lot of death and little birth
Like a needle in a directionless compass
The little monkey sat dejected on his ass

Then it saw a shadow emerge
A metal box with a poking arm
Same as the one inscribed in monkey scriptures
The one that brought harm, grievous harm

The little monkey felt so alone
Hanging in space, so away from home
And now, this misery of doomed destiny
The monkey wished he had stayed in his tree

What would Tankman do?

We were making fun of some bloggers in the past few poems for a change, we had fun.

Now, it's time to unleash some poetic pain on your brain :D

You have been warned!

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