Saturday, May 24, 2008

Noxious Obnoxious

thoughts swirl in the vodka bottle of my mind
rancid rancor and flaccid joy of being
I do not know the meaning of the last line
Does Noxious Obnoxious mean anything?

sometimes i think why do i write
its a tough, lonely job and people don't appreciate
then i think why do i fight
with life and destiny and fate

i do not know the answer
but its Saturday
and today i do not care
monday is coming soon on my trail
I have only sunday to escape!!!

fuck it, i say, let's burn down all our rhetoric dogmas, karmas and belief
let life be a mad ride in the jaws of death
show me someone who has lived for one fucking breath!
but then again, the conundrum
if we fuck it all...
what will we fuck when we get horny again?

each other maybe?

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