Saturday, April 19, 2008


<b>Your Blog Makes Me Sleepy But I Like Your Pain</b>

Your misery turns me on like a zing
And I want to rub salt in your wounds
Pain can be a really funny thing
As long as it's happening to you

I see your words of apocalyptic pain
I read you bitch and read you complain
But all your moaning is in vain
Cuz you don't know, your God is insane

Frankly honey, ranting on a blog isn't going to help
What you sucked and who you fucked will send you to hell
I will not be wrong in saying you are halfway there
Don't scream 'Help!' in my face, :) I don't care!

I'm not sorry that I find your condition funny
Like a shark attack on a beach that is sunny
Your words are boring and you make me sleepy
I read your blog to fall asleep, now ain't that creepy?
I want to love you madly.