Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who The Fuck?

Who the fuck am I?
A wallet full of money?
A boy who is funny?
A bucket to dump your shit in?
When things get shitty and runny

Who the fuck am I?
A promise for the future?
A messiah of for the nature?
An "I love you too" saying fuckhead
When you need your comfort?

Who the fuck am I?
A shoulder to cry on?
A shoulder to put your gun on?
A weapon for your final plan
When shit hits the fan?

Who the fuck am I?
A fubar storyteller?
A poet who is so full of shit that his eyes are brown?
A writer earning his keep by writing stupid shit?

Who the fuck am I?
Who the fuck am I?
Maybe all these things and more
Cuz if not these, then what? I'm not sure
Am I me anymore?
Existential Dilemmas...because for a writer to write, conflict is necessary. Happy people seldom create good art.

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