Sunday, April 13, 2008

This Again The Same

History fucking repeats itself
Old doubts will always linger
In the back of your mind
And hit you in behind
-when you are not looking

Old enemies are never really dead
They have their guns aimed at your head
You can show them the finger
But they will shoot you point black
-when you are looking in the wrong place

Ex-partners still have your cell-number with them
The  ass-es don't know the meaning of 'fuck off!'
They write your number all over the internet
And you get calls from random horny men
-when you are updating your blog

Old sins will come back to haunt you
Each good deed left undone
Won't it be fun, walking in the sun
Laughing at crying at what you have done
-when you should have been doing others.
Ok, fuck it. This too will come back to haunt me someday.
Anyone made any sense out of it?


  1. Hmmm, I'm afraid I didn't like this one much! Though I do love the way you've designed your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine!

  2. i guess ur tryin to say how u can never escape from ur past.... well part of its true but then no point worrying about that when theres so much to do now... "when u shud have been doin others" =) =)

    i liked this one... its not ur usual choice of topic anyway =)