Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Shark Of Imagination

The Shark Of Imagination

Crack them finger and them ringers.
Fuck all the hype and get ready to type

Swim in the ocean where words are the fish
Sift out all those ideas and all these
There are no oysters or pearls to be found
Just an abundance of fishies all around

Watch out there's a shark
and it is coming for you
This is sea, not a park
No one can hear you cry buhoo

Ok, the shark is gone now
You can continue to fish
Whoops! The shark chops you in half
Your legs are gone, all that's left is a scarf

This is what you get for swimming in a mad ocean
This is mad country some call it Imagination
Rhymes pretty well with the word Desperation
And no one really knows of your situation or condition.

Weird did I hear you say?
heh, nah.

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