Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's take a lil break!

Have a kit kat buddy! This is break time.

This is one of those rare non poem posts on this blog, that make it through when I have to say something to YOU!
So, in the past few weeks we have written a lot of poems and the weird this I have been noticing is that this blog is getting a LOT of keyword hits, there has been a poem down there somewhere about it. But keyword hits mean zilch, because there is no way of knowing that those people have read it or not, did they find the poems nice? or worse? or whatever.

Keyword surfers never leave comments. So, if you are one who is reading this right now, prove me wrong!

Anyway, to the fact of the matter. I was sitting in office and thinking, which I do very rarely, I think all Constant Readers know my aversion to thinking, dangerous thinking this...animal called Thinking. But then, I thought, and I thought about poems on the blogs. How many of them are saying what they want to say? Because, somewhere between the lines, the meaning is getting lost [not passing judgment on anyone,  just my observations]. Because from where I see it,  people are writing poems for the sake of writing poems, or do they really have something to say?

Personally, I do not like the cliched stuff 'out there' I mean come on, I'm reading your blog, give me something that will make me go WOAH! or make me laugh, or make me cry, or make me smack my head on the keyboard and die bleeding on this one. Surprise me, amaze me, disgust me. Don't give me something same like 1000 other places on the www, please, pretty please with a cherry on top!

FUCK! Some of the poems out there leave me numb. Where is the feeling? So,uhm, well, I'm going to do something about it. In Rhyme. In all good fun though. Fun like, poking you in the kidneys with a poison coated sharpened lollypop.

There shall be Poetry. About YOU! Oh fuck yeah, now won't that be funny! Won't be taking any names here for protecting the privacy of the bloggers. But come on, nothing like a friendly dig on you, heck if you can guess the poem is about you, maybe get it framed and hang it on top of your bed!

Right, so to sum up. I do not like some of the poems out there and I'm going to make fun of them. In Rhyme.

See you tomorrow, get your guessing cones out of the cupboard and let's have some fun!


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