Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Hits

It does not matter
If I update or not
Cuz' the hits keep on coming
Like flies on rotting shit

Like vultures on a camel carcass
Like boys after a single girl
Like America after oil
Like people looking for poems

Poems about monkeys
Poems about getting fucked in sleep
Poems about being eighteen
Poems about telling someone to fuck off

I do not know these people
These people do not know me
But they come looking for something
And that is what surprises me

Because I can understand people looking
For poems on monkeys
But a poem on tankman?
Is there someone out there so bored?!

I guess there is, cuz that keywords hits my blog everyday
In different sentences, in different ways
Still people do not bother to stop and say
Hey man, how you doin, i digg your poems everyday

Statcounter rulez!


  1. statcounter rules!!!
    wicked little thing:)

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