Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Ark Man

He sits alone in a park
Just surrounded by the dark
He can not hear the dogs bark
Cuz he is busy building a Poetry ARK!

Yes, to save all the poems in the world
One man will let his madness unfurl
Armed with a laptop and an internet connection
He will rebuild ARK of Poetry after damnation

With a poem a minute, he's a man with a mission
His blog is eats up words as they get written
This man don't care if his words are being read
I say again, this man has madness in his head

So, night turns to day and still this man writes
With forces of law and sleep this one man fights
The cops take away his laptop and throw him in jail
Now he writes on the walls, every hour without fail

But how will he post those poems on his blog?
Woah Man Woah!


  1. I really hope this is about me, because it's amazing.

  2. if not you then who? ;)


  3. yes, that is madness. the last line was a bit abrupt, made me go, "what?" and read the past couple of stanzas again. guess i wasn't paying attention XP

    you've got this rhythm, i'll be coming back to find more of it :)