Monday, March 3, 2008

What the fuck was I thinking?

I ride the beast everyday
To a prison, but in my own way
The open road calls to me
My soul is trapped yet I am free

I stare at the skies through the bars
When it gets dark I name the stars
I'm awake even when the dogs bark
And old people walk in park

I made my choice and gave my word
The line between madness and sanity blurred
So now I live for something impossible
Dying without a bang would be so dull

And in between, I write some poetry
Trying to get feelings out of me
But the word is not true, it died
I'd only smile at the feedback you provide
Been a fucked up week, but what else the hell was I expecting.
More poems from now on, I repeat but let's try atleast.
Hey! and none of you reminded me
to do a poem on psychedelic bananas!!


  1. Did you eat one of the bananas?

    You'd understand why not a to write a poem about a the bananas.

  2. nice poem N.
    hope this week is better.

  3. Hi Man,
    How's it going?

    yEAH ! could be fun to have a psychedelic banana poem.
    Could please the monkeys....the problem of the skin is solved.


  4. What the fuck are you thinking?

  5. psychedelic bananas !!??? What an idea!