Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Time

There comes a time in life
A time at the bottom of a bottomless void

That time when you are all alone
You have switched off you phone
And you are done watching all the porn
It could be late night or early morn

The sun is not up but you are
An train whistles somewhere far
Somehow you wish you were on that train
or under it.

You look up at the dirty gray sky
You have no courage left to even try
To make sense of your life, the people
or clean your room.

This is time when the bottles are empty
All your friends have passed out
The cigarretes are gone, so is the dope
But the only thing you are missing is hope

In the philosophical time of 5.30 AM
You wonder how many people are fucking
at this exact moment, and why aren't you
with that special someone

This is a dangerous time, my friend
When you start thinking about the end
But in truth, the Real Fucking of your soul
Has not even begun.

When it does, I hope you have fun.
I have many student friends, and when they bitch about life, I feel like doing things to them which I would not like to say on this blog.

In a way, this poem is also a poke at how I was when I was a student. I'd have done things to me too, almost an year back. Time, eh!


  1. I know what you mean.

    I bitch a lot when I have no clue what I'm talking about.

  2. yo hey which student friends did you have in mind?
    wanna take this out on the street!?!

  3. @Noah...

    We all do my friend, we all do :)
    I just do it in style ;)

    Only if no one is watching ;)