Sunday, March 9, 2008


Being pissed off if better
than being pissed on
Ok I know some of you freaks
like that kind of shit too
Not me.

Being calm is better
Than causing mindless harm
To property, people and animals
Some of you might do Yoga
Not me.

Being drunk is better
Than being stone cold sober
Throughout the day and the night
You will say I'm not right
Not me.

Being dead is better
Than being alive in this stupid world
At least you won't have to suffer
All the fucked up bullshit and
Stupid poetry
Written by me.
Don't look at me like this. I slipped on a psychedelic banana.


  1. I like your stupid fucking poetry, thank you very much.

  2. If only one could derive pleasure from suffering all the time. But that doesn't happen, and causes even more suffering, he he.

    Now this poem is somewhat contradictory ...