Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Problem

I have a problem
With myself
And that is
That I have too many problems
With things around me
The people that surround me
The things in air, ground and the sea

Because, somewhere,something is fucked up
Somewhere something is not right
Somewhere someone is dying for life
Somewhere someone gives up without a fight

But I that is the way the world works
It turns and turns for me, us and them
And when another day comes forth to meet us
We just have to face our own problems

I'm not looking for an answer this time
Because I do not know the right question yet
I just know that I have a problem with things
The things I can not ignore or forget.

There we go, just one swear word in the whole poem, I losing my touch?


  1. you still got your touch man.whatever was lacking there, let me make up for write FUCKING well!!
    happy now?

  2. Sometimes less is more.

  3. Hi Nothingman......
    Ummm....maybe the problem is within you, eh? BTW, nice poem...whatever way you write u end up writin somethng pretty better than me! :D

  4. i MISSED this...

    i gather u didnt purposely lessen the swear words... but its nice neway... :) :)


  5. @DD...i got the touch eh ;)

    @Noah...other times we should indulge ourselves! ;)

    @Meghna...The problem is indeed in me as i said in the poem AND I might write better but you blog like a pro! ;)

    @Shimmer...and we missed you! WB!

    @Liosis...thats what they all say the first time, then they get addicted! :D