Thursday, March 27, 2008

The MonkeyTron

The soul of a man is but Version 1
But monkeys have come from the sun
Raping dinosaurs to breed humanity
Monkeys can count till infinity

For thousand of years the monkeys have seen
What humans can do and what they have been
But now a new messiah will rise
A prophet to take mankind by surprise

The MonkeyTron!!!!!

His eyes of fire, burning like the sun
All female monkeys scream "He is the One!"
While the male monkeys rub their tails in jealousy
The MonkeyTron has arrived to salvage humanity

He sits on the Tower of Babel alone
His words drifting to radio frequencies unknown
He will speak till mankind is done and gone
For, he is, The MonkeyTron!!

Warming up the fingers that love writing monkey poems. Next, we have a poem about TankMan. Please check out the links to the left for rest of the monkey poems. Yesh! Lots of keywords. Hail Google!



  1. when one reads NothingMan, the monkeying business becomes a serious thing clothed in hilarious outfits.
    Really enjoyed this one!

  2. I think Emily Dickinson was mark 3 human soul.