Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Bored

Bored of life
Bored of death
The violence only tickles
Sex is a myth

Bored of pain
Bored of pleasure
Bored of internet
Bored of prono treasure

Bored of the word fuck
Bored of my stupid luck
Bored of writing poems
Bored of getting comments

Bored of checking my mail
Bored of trying to fail
Bored of failing to fail
Bored of silly tales

Bored of vodka
Bored of whiskey
Bored of getting high
Bored of trying to die

Bored of all my friends
Bored of The Ends
Bored of the lonely nights
Bored of days so bright

Bored of typing like mad
Bored of being glad
Bored of being fucked up
Bored of being correct

Bored of being an inspiration
Bored of being looked up to
Bored of being some kind of fucked up role model
Bored of saying What the fuck to so many things

I'm bored. So bored.
And I wish I could bore you
With my poetry
Like you bore me.


  1. lol!
    dood was that supposed to be "PORNO TREASURE"??
    or prono?


  2. man um bored enough...to be reading this....:P

  3. i'm bored as well, check out my blog please, and comment on it.

  4. Jeevs...Why, you think you have more porn than me ;)

    IG...If i'm bored enough to write this, you deserve reading this!

    Meredith...You said all the right things! Voila! You are automatically cool in my list! now lemme see ur blog! :D


  5. i didn´t get bored i loved it...:P

  6. The matchless message ;)

  7. Believe it or not :D I love it :p