Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sucking on Poetry

I woke up this morning and I thought 'What the fuck!'
Got a word from Noah the Great who owns Poetry That Sucks
What the fuck is that about you say, another new poem site?
Well, the first that admits to sucking, so I guess its all right.

Now you know it as well as me that we people are no Donne
We don't write to pick up chicks, we write just for fun
And most of the time our poems, well they completely suck!
That's the reason we can't get laid and not get a fuck!

The sexual frustration leads to even more poetry!
Can poison cancel poison or I be more handsome than me?
So its better to confess and now let me no more digress
Truth is that all poetry sucks, but just write on, don't give a fuck

So go to that link now and become a member
Let's revel in sucky poetry from February to December
There we can make fun of each other and just be proud
Poetry sucks more than life, frankly, that is allowed.

Right, for the verse blind, is a venture by Noah The Great, this one built a website instead of building a ship. So all poets aboard, this is something wicked and cool.

Join Today>>


  1. Wow, thanks dude; I've been trying to get all the kids in my creative writing class to go there, but it seems that nobody in there likes to write like I do-- they only ever do the assignments.

    I can't ever stop writing-- even when my hands aren't moving my pen, I am thinking of what to write about.

    Well, I also have that special woman, but you know, I have a multitasking mind.

    I'm just glad you didn't get in a "shampoo" joke; all the jokes people say are so passe.

    That's how you pronounce my last name, just in case you were wondering, but it's spelled all Canadian-like.

  2. So i wil visit.
    Especialy since my poetry sux.

  3. hmmm.. sounds like a place for all of us to make a mark.. hehe.. definitely chekin it out...