Thursday, February 21, 2008



The day slams into the night
A girl slams her hand on a table
Nothing is all right.

A man slams the door of a house, once home
A lonely moon slams into the sky
The empty bottles are alone

The car slams out of the garage, fast
The tires slam the road like it won't last
The race of Speed and Death

The pedal slams into the metal
A tear slams into a pillow
One crash and two souls slammed to hell


A different approach to writing poems...of course it has been done before, different just for me :)
This is about drunken case its not clear, but ofcourse you can interpret in your own ways too...Life is a drive after all.

Cheers! Drive Safe.

P.S i'm having problems with my net connection so you might not see me on your blogs for a while, but soon, i'll be troubling you again:)


  1. Hi, I made a poetry website and would love to display some of your poems.

  2. Ooh, intense...

    You better get back soon, if you are going to be gone.

  3. hmmmmmm...

    i'll b back whn i figure out wht to comment..


    nd i thot u were agnst bitching nd evry other shittng thngy.

  5. I've gotten 2 owi's, I've never hurt anyone during such ventures, but I will never do it again. If I were to use an artistic critique, I'd say I like the brush used to paint this picture.

  6. It is an interesting departure from your usual writing style, yet, it is essentially you.

    Sorry I've been away. I've been having a bit of a downtime.

    Hope your Net gets fixed soon.

  7. Hi man,

    Nothing like the slamming of your words.

    Been a long time.

    A girl said to the guy 'when the heart beats ...that's love slamming. But looking at your face one would say you're dead !!'
    Well, what to say.
    Heard the door slamming!


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