Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reading blogs at 2 AM

i got my vodka glass half full
and i'm reading blogs that are oh so dull
my google reader is full of new posts
but none to whom i can raise a toast

a man can only go through so many blogs in one night
after that the faith starts to shake
is there not words enough or fire in people
to make someone listen to what they have to say

but i move on down the reader's list
hoping there would be something shocking next
not some whiney poem or how the day went
because by now i know your love life and lunch hours
better than mine

i don't even have the energy left
to tell you to fuck off
your blog, so say what you like
this is mine, and i'll say what
i think is fine

Maybe when i'm sober in morning
I'll leave a comment with a "good work" or a "cheers"
not pointing at anyone in particular...offense meant to all


  1. unhuh....
    but unfortunately...i do the fucking same shit u complain about...

  2. heh.

    yes. v r all guilty of this one. :D

    cheers mate!

  3. i guess that was about the time i took a break from blogging :D