Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Poet and The Storyteller

i was waiting for the truth
to come and set me free
cliched and tied in my misery
i almost blamed it on destiny

but as changes go, a change did come
i was introduced to lies, and then some
its a much better place, this life in fiction
anything in reality is not this much fun

so i sit and type lies in my room
to all my friends and well, other friends
they all ooh and aah at my ingenuity
when i really don't know the meaning of that word

but the solace is there is writing poetry
as close to truth as i dare be
a poet and a storyteller trapped in one existence
the choice always, to tell the truth or lie?
Its my personal belief, i might be wrong though, that poems are as close to truth as anything can be, i'd go as far as saying that poetry transcends truth, (figure that out!)
where as storytelling, well, is all about lying :) and whenever a story or poetry happen its a writer who ceases to exist, its only his words, his art.

for those who are thinking i have gone sane, well, fuck off, tomorrow a new poem about Monkeys, Tankman and psychedelic bananas :)


  1. eerie...maybe our views do match each other. life in fiction tends to be far better than reality. as for the rest, who can tell which words are lies and which words are truth?

  2. dats a very nice definition for story tellin n poetry.. lies n truth... so simple right? hmmm.. i liked this one...

    cheers! \m/