Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Peace Day--Another spanner in the machinery of life

Monkey and Man
Together they sat
The man was thin
The monkey fat

Between them they shared
A smoking pipe
And psychedelic bananas
oh so ripe!

It was the Peace Day my friends
When this strange scene I saw
Tankman smoking up with the Monkeys!
From the jungle floor I had to scrape my jaw

A disconcerting sight, I must say
I wonder if the Tankman has turned gay
Why then this simian bonhomie
Calling each other 'Mon Ami'!

From dawn till dusk they smoked and ate
As I observed and recorded this strange fate
The hunted friendly with the hunter
An sense of shock and simian wonder

Just the the sun the moon did rise
And it came to me as no surprise
As the man and monkey parted ways
All players in a wicked stage's play
Some Shaxbardian shit and something about psychedelic bananas...which deserve a poem of their own!

What shall we take on next?
Feb 14 is around the corner... he he he


  1. Peace day!!
    please scrape my jaw of the jungle floor as well...but its stuck fast!!

    it good to see it was a temporary respite...
    its better when there's war in sight..
    yes yes..i would love to see u take the shit out of the farce that we fondly call Valentines Day!!

  2. That was enjoyable; have a lot of druggies in the family.