Friday, February 8, 2008

Kids, stock the ammunition!

Its that time of the year
When humans gloat without fear
In the filth and madness of this strange "thing"
its some 'day' on Feb 14, i hear them sing

Who will save them from the mess this time?
The cops and the barricades won't be enough
I could join the Shiv Sena, won't that be fun!
But heck if I do, who will use all my ammunition?

Roll in my favourite hate anthem
Time to grease the spokes of my tank
It's time to bring out the gun and bombs
Feb 14 we bring the kiddies home

This animal called valentine has infected them all
With the venom called love and in 'it' they will fall
Its weapons gas balloons and fake red roses
But we got the firepower we'll make up for our loses

On Feb 14 a tank will roll
That is, if the meat-house lets the man free.

A bit early are we? well, never too early to start hating something:)


  1. your poems are fun.and all this hate is packaged too well to be hateful.
    red balloons and roses...ah nostalgia!

  2. The feeling is mutual. I have a deep hate for Valentines day.

    +1 for the hate.

    The massacre was alright, though.

  3. @D...
    Nostalgia? bad or good? ;)


    right on man! the carnage has not even begun ;)


  4. Seriously!
    I mean what the bloody u need sum special 14 feb to fuckn xprs ur luv.sheesh.

    btw wat do u think of chicken tikka?