Saturday, December 29, 2007

Words In My Head [From the Diary of a Killer King]

The insistent buzz of words in my head
Are the screams I continue to ignore
They are crying and cursing me in words I don’t know
After two thousand years of this. I am bored.

Like all great men I too have killed
I’d be a liar if I saw I wasn’t thrilled
But I am a liar so this is what I’d say
All that sex and violence wasn’t that cool anyway

Just looks great and gory but its quite shitty in reality
In my bloodstained glory I can not bask for eternity
Some pain, even I can feel, I swear this is for real
I have cried when blood smeared the shine of my steel

So as I drink soup from a bowl made of skull of General Kwgahin
I write this little ditty, crossing words on a book made of skin
My pen is made of bone, think I need some more bloody ink
It was tough writing this, I know how to kill but not think!

At least I'm talking of heartbreak and the pain of the soul. Maybe I should!


  1. General kwaghin??!!....nd death metal dude talking about glory i cannot bask for eternity....i liked these lines...overall nice poem.just one thng.umm...reduce the rhyming a wee bit.or make it abab type.sounds better then.nd btw i blogrolld u.

  2. this was a strange poem....
    good but strange..

    General Kwgahin????

    i like the last stanza...for some vague reason i can put my finger

  3. ur usual style but a new topic... nice :) i dunno u always seem to write dark poetry but i find them cute for some reason.. go figure.. lol..


  4. Wat the hell
    update it
    last 2 days
    no stuff frm ya
    i weep.

  5. TOT...

    I dreamed about the general's name before writing this.why reduce the rhyme man.i'm compensating for the pieces that don't rhyme:P Thanks I'll roll ya too!

    Kubla Khan was a strange poem too! But Coleridge was doped that time.
    Last stanza is kinda personal, gets more gory I think, no?

    All my poems are cute, but not cuter than me! HA HA ;) Understand it as you like ;)


    Yo! just been one day man! get yer calender straight, or on first jan you'll say one year since a poem!:P he he

    there you go chase dragonflies!


  6. Kubla Khan's last stanza was kinda personal too... one helluva poem tht is...