Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Tank Man

The Tankman is big
The Tankman is strong
I think he is right
He knows he is wrong

He's got a big mean tank
In talking he is very frank
His tank is all full of ammo
He will take them all down, you know

His enemies are scattered high up in the trees
They are scared shitless of him, they dare not sneeze
They watch the tank slowly roll in the glade
The Tankman is watching them from the tank's shade

After tonight there will be only one
He has the tank and he has the gun
They just have their nails and stupid tails
Tankman will run them through with his iron hail.

Regular readers will know that Tankman and monkeys have a long standing dispute. References to this aeon old battle are scattered through this blog. Will there ever be closure?

We don't know.


  1. oka...i didnt know about this aeons old war...but will wait for the final battle to be fought...
    i hope the monkeys winn...
    i like monkeys! ;)

  2. and probably not 10...but i might definitely but atleast one copy if it the price won't try to shit me out...

    and if u dont do something like this for a living...where do u find the time to do this...

    do u sleep at night????? :O

  3. Vitruvian...

    check me on yahoo messenger sometime, i'm online sometime on sunday.

    final battle of monkeys and the tank man...that would be a story! :P

    ah if i come out with a book, it would be priced not to burn holes in pockets :P but who would be mad enough to publish such poems! nah..

    Time! its always there. 24 hours, they don't seem to end!! i sleep for just 4 hours :) sometimes 8. not more than that.

    gee these comments are becoming like a blog themselves...mail me ok. my address is on the story blog..find it out :)