Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Strange Thing I Saw

I was walking on the sky going back to my room
I saw a witch dressed in black silk, riding a broom
A monkey sat on a tank banging on its shell
But there was a strange thing I saw, which soon I will tell

A car rolled 360* and a girl flew out of its door
Four idiots stood laughing just cuz they were bored
A banana dropped from the sky and landed at my feet
The strange thing I'm gonna tell won't be so sweet

A flying eye looked at me and a black cat smiled
God asked me for alms and followed me for a mile
I bought a can of Mountain Dew and I was overpriced
The thing I saw was pretty strange, I bet you will be surprised

It was big black and boring, it was running like a brick
It swam like a submarine till all the fish were sick
It flew like a concord faster than speed of sound
I swatted it between my palms and buried it in the ground.

Now the Humanity has been born and the strange thing is all around.
Common sense is inversely proportional to the stupidity around you-- /V

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