Saturday, December 1, 2007

Six Minutes

Six minutes ton write a poem
Six minutes to express
Six minutes to confuse you
Six minutes to digress

So let's close all the wondos
Open the create post link on the blogger
Then open notepad and type in it
The blogger thingum gets too slow

Oh shit this has taken two minutes
I just have four minutes more
Let's just write anything here and post it
Look! Just four lines more!

Can I expect comments on this?
If I'm hoping, let me hope for a kiss
Of course from a girl and not from a guy
HA! I'm clever like this, I think so sly!

God dammit I love me!
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  1. me love thee...keep writing.
    it can only be me.. :)

  2. haha..u post any crap and get away with it..awesome...

  3. lol... seriously... this one was jus plain madnez...