Friday, December 14, 2007

One Minute's Tale

The ghost of Melissa is sitting on a wall
Her pet dog Dead is chasing rats in the hall
The red eye of a ghost is lit in her hand
The smoke of her soul is drifting in the red sand

Who is Melissa and why is she here?
How did she die and what is her fear?
Her face is a blur, even Dead is not clear
What is this shadow in the woods coming near?!

A man with a box walks to land of the dead
His eyes fixed on his goal, a cap on his head
His steed now stands idling and he walks alone
Lonely in shadows, shouldn't he be gone?

Melissa spots the man and she waves to him
Her body grows clearer and her clothes grow thin
She stands in the shadow of the big dark tree
She says, "You are late by one minute, now this pizza is free for me."

He He

Ah, hum da de da da you doin?

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  1. no..u really must tell me...
    HOW DO U DO IT???
    a story AND a poem EVERYDAY!!!!!

    secondly..the poems are nonsensical...but they are still

    dude...u've won a serious fan now!!
    yea..and i started with book..the recycled poetry

  2. really truly?

    I don't know :)

    its not everyday, its every other day or after a few days :P

    one man's nonsense is another man's brilliance :)

    Oh i hope you enjoy recycled nightmares...i'm bringing out anther ebook soon, that one of poems not found on the blog :D



  3. i'm going slow on recycled nightmares....
    theres only this much my brain can assimilate at a given point of time..

  4. You're crazier than I imagined you to be!


  5. @ Vitruvian...

    i went slow on that ebook too. the formatting was a bitch trust me!

    @ Shadow Stalker...

    I hope you can imagine a lot! ;)


  6. LOL!!!

    crazy shit man... seriously u cheer me up every single day :D

    cheers to tht!