Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Letter To Satan Claus

It's Christmas time, the time of joy
Gifts and green Christmas trees, oh boy!
To have fun without a pause
I wrote a letter to Satan Claus

Dear Satan Clause please send me many presents
Transformer toys, power rangers and gameboys
Also include playstation3 and xbox 360
It will make my Christmas if I got a PSP
An Assassin's Creed disc would be pretty nifty
Also I think I need a new watch
I don't mind if its a Rado or a Swatch
Please make sure it has a glow light button
Watching things in dark is so much fun
I'm hanging a big sock over the fire place
Its green and black with lots of space
I'm hoping you would fill it up
Don't even think of fucking it all up

I want all of this and more too
That's why I write a letter in rhyme to you
I bet no one can creative like this
Not even with a red lipstick kiss

So Satan Claus hear me out
Or in your ear I'll scream and shout
This is my Christmas list I hope you complete it good
Or I'll get you like I got Santa.
I really would!

Just a naughty attempt to threaten a higher authority, or shall we say lower?

Merry Christmas all!

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  1. i see ur list clear and good...
    complete ur wishes quick i would..

    but first answer my questions little lad...
    i hope u've been nice and bad!!

    flushed any cats down the drain...
    made anyone miss their train...

    if u've been bad i'll give u ur watch..
    if u've been good, i'll let u scratch my crotch...

    if u promise to take the "devil jee" next year...
    i'll give a xbox 360 and an ipod to hear "slayer"...

    and sonny dont threaten me with ur silly rhyme..
    ur dealing with Satan not sissy santa this time..


    how can u even dare to question MY authority!!! of course its higher!!

  2. i hope santa gets u everything u want.... :D


  3. lol... i mean satan... sheesh... did he bring u wat u askd for?

  4. Whahahahaahah.
    *Grins evilly*

    Oh Satan Clause leave me to rot
    Can't you see that this life is fraught
    With insanity enough to make me sane
    Go away, let the madness remain.

    I'd like Vista to me wiped off the existence of the planet, the ability to read a thousand books in one day and retain everything, all the music that I want, AND A DECENT INTERNET CONNECTION. :|

    I like my watch though. :P