Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Know

trapped in this chair I sit
waiting for the pain
something to make me feel
that everything is worth this stupid feeling

the kaleidoscope is in my head
and my hands are frozen stiff
just the fingers work
typing pain on this white screen

the fire is in my stomach
the memory is behind my eyes
I can not let it all go, not now not ever

there will be no end
only pain
and when I have suffered
it will all start again
I know
I just know.
Something without a rhyme this time. The conflict of Tankman and monkeys will surface again...soon. :D


  1. Oh well, pain is an excellent muse. Ask any psychiatrist.

    Oh and er, there is one typo: "kaleidoscope" it should be :P

    The funny thing is, it is very weird to have people write on themes you'd written on ages back... stuff you hadn't shown anyone. Heh.

    *offers Monkey a peanut*

  2. I live but alone with my one true companion,
    my mate,
    My pain its my only constant,
    my fate;
    Its the only thing that makes me realise..
    I'm alive,
    Battling my pain in this otherwise plastic life;

    My friend, My foe,
    My fortune, My fate;

    With me it lives, With me it thrives,
    Its my only true mate, with me it will die.

    yea..the spelling is "kaleidoscope" .. really makes u appreciate life better..

  3. LD...

    Muse and money maker, for the psychiatrists i mean :P

    which typo? ;)

    Its revolutionary i think, it all comes around :P

    don't bribe The Monkey:P

    Phew, too much tongue sticking out



  4. Vitruvian...

    Someday i'll make fun of your poems :P he he he he

    hey hunger makes you appreciate food better, same with pain i guess. its complex no?

    and why are you people saying the spelling is wrong? its kaleidoscope. I just checked. :P