Saturday, December 8, 2007

House Of Confusion

Magic water runs in taps
Heads lie still in baseball caps
Forks and fingers dance on the ceiling
They don't know how I am feeling.

Smell of old farts is prevalent
Which no deodorant can prevent
The doors creak every now and then
The sink stinks of socks of men

Chickens roost upside down on the floor
On every wall, the number of a whore
I tried calling but its just customer care
They say Melissa doesn't live there

The house of confusion is alive but dead
The sound effects of chickens are in my head
I tell them no but I can't ignore
I hear them laugh when I am bored.


That ladies and gentlemen, is a masterpiece.

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  1. now that was quite a description... loved it... excellent... :D y do u i feel like i havent been on ur blog in a long tym??!


  2. firstly....
    i absolutely LOVE ur template!!its beyond awesome....

    the poem is brilliant absurdity
    i love it!!
    cheers to u dude!!

  3. @ Shimmer...

    I just have been updating frequently :) You use google reader? grab a feed :)

    @ Vitruvian...
    Ah, the template, the credit goes to the designer, there is a link down there, you can get for your blog too...absurdity now...humm..yeah it's cool. this blog is just an easy way to chill after a story a day :)


  4. The house of confusion is alive but dead!!

    oh yeah!

  5. @ IG...

    I know you are now thinking of living there! don't ok, its too spooky! :P