Monday, December 24, 2007

The darkness Of My Toast

Liquid smoke drifts from my eyes
As I look up into the broken skies
A life of betrayal ended by lies
No one can hear my tortured cries

The world is grey my hope is lost
All I am, that I was is toast
So I think I should be what I can
I could surely use some jam

But the toast of my body is burnt
This blackness it seems I have earned
I scrape off the edges but bitter it tastes
This stupidity I want not, so, I shall waste

The juice has a shark swimming it it
I think its turned in a Shark Vod. Shit!
Vodka on the morning of my life
Where is my wife?

Regulars of A Story A Day will recall a Shark Vod. This is just a take on how people use big words and write 'dark' stuff, when the most important thing in life is a decent breakfast.

*Edit--Since I mentioned Shark Vod, here is for your reading pleasure > A Thousand Elephants -One,

A Thousand Elephants Two

enjoy :)


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  1. you are a crack really...get a life, and breakfast.

  2. will have to check out shark vod b4 i can appriciate the "gravity" of this one.. :P

  3. @ Anonymous...

    Don't get breakfast :P

    @ Vitruvian...

    Shark Vods, only available at "Thousand Elephants" :D


  4. TTOT...

    Suggestion heeded to :) check the links for the story and you'll understand :P


  5. Hell yeah. A burnt toast makes the entire day seem awful. The juice tastes sour, the cream spoilt and the cornflakes soggy. :P

    I wondered after the first verse, but yes, the last convinced me that it was you. Heh heh.

    PS: I've been very rude... wilst thou joineth my Penguin Army?