Sunday, September 23, 2007

Memes and Tags

There are Bloggers I like to read
I have them all on my google reader feed
And some of them like and remember me too
So I heard I have been tagged times two

So here is an answer to both the tags you see
Canterbury Soul and Meenakshi tagged me
So read on for some more madness in prose
It just gets worse as this poem comes to close.

Canterbury Soul at Doors Left Open, He of some crazy haikus and a story about Alice and a Dodo, Now because I am all up for Dodo rights (one of the reasons I'm doing this tag) so here goes Nothing, My five strengths as a writer.

1) Madness - People see a cute furry rabbit, I see a Demon from the eighth dimension of hell, with scaly hide and flames coming out of his nostrils, with a tale that shadows the sun and claws that can rip steel into ribbons.

2) Stubbornness- When I set my mind to something, no matter how fucked up, i gotta DO/Have/try/eat/write/fuck/kill/(add your favourite activity here) it. People call it focus I call it stupidity, but stupidity that works!

3) Typing speed - Yes! Sounds weird? but it isn't , thoughts come in your head at an instant and if you haven't written typed them down, POOF! they are gone and others take their place, So yup, what point bring a writer if you can not type/write!

4) Negativity - A bit like madness but when you can imagine how bad things could have been you really appreciate things as they are. That also gives an edge to my writing, cuz i always think, what is the worst way to 'Tick off' a character and end a story!

5) Curiosity - I like things, I like people, I like to fuck with people's heads and see how they react. I like to see the world around me, anything and everything as a story in it, you just gotta reach in and drag it out. So everything is interesting to me, and it's near impossible to get bored, because i'm always curious about everything.

Those were the five I think are my strengths. I'm not tagging anyone, if you wanna do this, you are all welcome to put it on your blog.

Now, Miss Meenakshi's tag!
Well since Meenakshi deleted the tag post, i have no freaking idea what it was about...So I'll just let it pass, anyway, I just hope that she posts more often :)

Cheers to ya all!!



  1. those are pretty impressive if you ask me. thanks for the lessons here. :)

  2. No no... I didnt delete it... :(
    Its there... right there... check it and Please do it. :(

    And I liked what u said in this tag here... though I dont know you by your name, there is still a name that forms you... and I liked knowing a little more about you :-)

    Hmmm... I wish I could write more often. I really do wish. But alas... words are not too fond of me... they elude me most of the times.

    I love your stories Nothingman and havent been here often, but liked what I read. Keep them coming. :-)

  3. hey pt 2 and pt 4 same to
    i guess all taureans are stubborn n so r u!!!
    keep writing the shit!!!