Saturday, September 1, 2007


There is a new animal stalking the woods of the night
Alive, or dying, it's flashing in and out of light
Seeking attention and yet staying in shades
From the lofty peaks of heaven to fires of Hades

Twenty six letters, ten numbers and some punctuation marks
They bang their fingers into keys and upload their hearts
Then check back again and again thinking someone must have read
Left a comment or heck maybe two is all that revolves in their head

Now listen animal listen this is what i have to say
People will not read your crap but they just may
Do you think strangers have the time to waste reading chunks of text!
About your boring little pathetic life, and it don't even have any sex!

And you can't write FUBAR, your prose is plain
Your poetry don't rhyme, and boring is your name
People won't waste time on leaving comments on junk
Cuz if you ain't something fucked up, you ain't got no spunk

So listen new animal, a word of advice
Keep your words sweet, you might have to eat them
Make few friends, you might have to beat them
Write less, but write good, that's all i have to say
Now hat you have read this far, be on your way

Bye bye


This one is for bloggers who like to write long, with tough words and no breathing space for the eyes. Sorry I won't read you!


  1. LMAO....
    Man...ur works are hilarious...I say...Well am I one on ur list??;)

    I am glad too to be ur friend:)

  2. well am i inculded in the ones you don't read :(
    lol kididng man errr nothing man lol that nick is so very :P
    BTW you can count me as one of your fans -only of your verses :P
    so keep punching on that typewriter of yours :)

  3. @IG...
    Well, lot of people don't ;)

    Which list are you talking mate?;)



    Ah, someone gets the joke ;)

    I read your blog, stop by there every now and then, now that you have reminded i'll get the feed too :), I'm happy you don't like my prose, it's a compliment! :D

    Thanks for reading everyone!