Monday, September 24, 2007

The meme part two

Right. Now there are things that i do and things that i don't do. One of the things that i don't do is say otherwise to my friends. Meenakshi rightfully reminded me that the meme was on her blog asn it was my bad that i missed it. So here goes 'nothing'.


Never been the one for rules, except the few of grammar, but in a nutshell, take your middle name or some name you would like, divide the letters and you have to write something that's important in your life corresponding to that letter. I choose F U B A R :)

1) F- Fucked! ok thats what the letter stand for, and that's what it means to me. When you are at terms with the fact that you are fucked in the head, it becomes damn easy to deal with life and all the surrounding bullshit. 90% of the people in the world can not come to term with their negativity, their failures, their addictions, and the bad things that they do and that is the reason why this world is a shitty place to live in, and the remaining 10%? They make this lil blue ball worth living in. The 10% for me are the musicians and artists of today who have taken their shortcomings and made something beautiful out of it. Of course there are people i admire but then this list is about ME!

2) U- You! Yes I mean you constant reader ( thanks mr king for the phrase). We all need some loving, even god does, if he didn't then someone explain religion to me! God i'm not, just a human being looking for my share of hugs and warmth in this cold world. This is where you come in, even if you always read and never leave a comment. I thank U!

3) B - BANG! This is the sound of an idea crash landing in the desert of my head. I reach forward and pluck out all the debris and present something worth looking at in front of you! That is also the sound of the gunshot, what does it signal? rebellion, freedom, or cold blue murder? God knows but that is the sound I love to hear, again and again and again. Among other things.

4) A - Apocalypse- I am not a Christian but the image of the four horsemen riding out at the time of the ultimate The End is just too romantic in a way to ignore. I am seriously hoping to see that in my lifetime :) Maybe the end will be four missiles of apocalypse riding out into the sunset. And did I mention that "Apocalypse Now" is one of my favourite movies!

5) R - Rock N Roll!! - If a piece of writing does not rock why write it all, thats what I believe in. Be it a poem, a story, a rant or a suicide note the only thing that matters is that it should rock the socks off anyone reading it!

That was it, thanks to Meenakshi for this opportunity for letting out some steam. Hope I have done it all right. Cheers to you all, feel free to take the tag and do it on your own blog.

Keep rocking Keep writing!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Memes and Tags

There are Bloggers I like to read
I have them all on my google reader feed
And some of them like and remember me too
So I heard I have been tagged times two

So here is an answer to both the tags you see
Canterbury Soul and Meenakshi tagged me
So read on for some more madness in prose
It just gets worse as this poem comes to close.

Canterbury Soul at Doors Left Open, He of some crazy haikus and a story about Alice and a Dodo, Now because I am all up for Dodo rights (one of the reasons I'm doing this tag) so here goes Nothing, My five strengths as a writer.

1) Madness - People see a cute furry rabbit, I see a Demon from the eighth dimension of hell, with scaly hide and flames coming out of his nostrils, with a tale that shadows the sun and claws that can rip steel into ribbons.

2) Stubbornness- When I set my mind to something, no matter how fucked up, i gotta DO/Have/try/eat/write/fuck/kill/(add your favourite activity here) it. People call it focus I call it stupidity, but stupidity that works!

3) Typing speed - Yes! Sounds weird? but it isn't , thoughts come in your head at an instant and if you haven't written typed them down, POOF! they are gone and others take their place, So yup, what point bring a writer if you can not type/write!

4) Negativity - A bit like madness but when you can imagine how bad things could have been you really appreciate things as they are. That also gives an edge to my writing, cuz i always think, what is the worst way to 'Tick off' a character and end a story!

5) Curiosity - I like things, I like people, I like to fuck with people's heads and see how they react. I like to see the world around me, anything and everything as a story in it, you just gotta reach in and drag it out. So everything is interesting to me, and it's near impossible to get bored, because i'm always curious about everything.

Those were the five I think are my strengths. I'm not tagging anyone, if you wanna do this, you are all welcome to put it on your blog.

Now, Miss Meenakshi's tag!
Well since Meenakshi deleted the tag post, i have no freaking idea what it was about...So I'll just let it pass, anyway, I just hope that she posts more often :)

Cheers to ya all!!


Saturday, September 22, 2007


Fuck life
Fuck death
Fuck CO2
Fuck every breath

Fuck all the memories
Fuck all the stories
Fuck the funny ones
Fuck that were gory

Fuck this planet
Fuck all the humans
Fuck the animals too
Fuck all thats called 'Fun'

Fuck my/your God
Fuck our Devil
Fuck All thats Good
Fuck all the Evil

Fuck all the numbers
Fuck all the figures
Fuck all emotions
Fuck Fear

Fuck all that is
Fuck all that isn't
Fuck the best
Fuck the rest

Fuck all the lies
Fuck all that's true
Fuck Me
Fuck You

I could go on and on and on and I will!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Download Monster

I take a break from the journey
A breath and then I'm on again
This is a ride through the www
To download everything would be a pain

I spend so much time online
And then I complain about life
But I have to spend so much time online
I have to find a wife!

So I'm writing a poem for the world tonight
I'm writing a poem soaked in fright
If the world is at my finger tips
Then would it follow the words on my lips?

These wires and electrons connect me
Through them I hear and I see
Still the world is bigger than I can ever be
But I will download it all, I promise!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Sadness of Company

I sit with you, you sit with me
We talk of things that we can't see
Of Love, Life, Pain and people and misery
It all starts and ends at you and me

You stare at the invisible world behind my shoulder
Where pink unicorns copulate with teddy bears
Your mouth runs on automatic spilling the beans
And I stare at the world behind your back

Your hands weave spider webs in the air
I'd follow them if only I could care
You said I listen well so that's what I do
You pay for the coffee and I'll always listen to you

And now that the diatribe is done and gone
The coffee mugs are empty all the words have been spoken
Still there is some dirge left to talk of
And you call me for company again next weekend.


People who like to talk

Saturday, September 1, 2007


There is a new animal stalking the woods of the night
Alive, or dying, it's flashing in and out of light
Seeking attention and yet staying in shades
From the lofty peaks of heaven to fires of Hades

Twenty six letters, ten numbers and some punctuation marks
They bang their fingers into keys and upload their hearts
Then check back again and again thinking someone must have read
Left a comment or heck maybe two is all that revolves in their head

Now listen animal listen this is what i have to say
People will not read your crap but they just may
Do you think strangers have the time to waste reading chunks of text!
About your boring little pathetic life, and it don't even have any sex!

And you can't write FUBAR, your prose is plain
Your poetry don't rhyme, and boring is your name
People won't waste time on leaving comments on junk
Cuz if you ain't something fucked up, you ain't got no spunk

So listen new animal, a word of advice
Keep your words sweet, you might have to eat them
Make few friends, you might have to beat them
Write less, but write good, that's all i have to say
Now hat you have read this far, be on your way

Bye bye


This one is for bloggers who like to write long, with tough words and no breathing space for the eyes. Sorry I won't read you!