Friday, August 10, 2007

The Nonsense Litany

Uh hum Uh Hum
Pay attention
This new rant
Is really important!

Where is the sense in the world?
Where are the roses in the mud?
Where is the peace that was promised?
And all the non-sense is not missed

The Tv feeding shit in heads of you and me
Your brains actually, I don't watch Tv
The radio is spewing out equal amounts of shit
I'm pretty happy not listening to it.

Somethings will always make sense and others not
Like an ice cube full of fire, is it cool or hot?
The magic of the winds you just choose to ignore
There is too much music all around, how can you get bored?

Just like always we are at the end of the road,
But there is a turn at the bend by the grace of Zod
If you see a man on the road with a sign saying HELL
We are all going there you might pick him as well.

We strive to not make sense!

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  1. this one made some sense unlike ur last one;)

    Well u leave me with no comments!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. well ..
    "We strive to not make sense"

    .. you should then be wid sum radio or Tv channel..