Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Own Dream

Something went bump in the night
I woke up taken by a fright
My room filtered in a blue moonlight
Another dream had taken flight.

I feel the hunger in my stomach
I feel the thirst for blood in my soul
I feel the madness crawling at the back of my neck
I feel the night dissolving in one tiny speck

I am awake and bathed in sweat yet
I see her sitting close by me
She oblivious to my presence
Does she know that I can see...her

I ask her things and she whispers replies
Every time she speaks a little of me dies
The I ask her to lull me back to sleep
And give me a dream that is mine to keep.


Corresponding story "I, Night" on A Story A Day

1 comment:

  1. i enjoyed this, though i haven't yet read the story it alludes to ... do you wish poetical comment on your writing or shall i just wax lyrical about some of the lovely word-turns you have crafted here ... really, i need to know!