Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jungle Fun

The big weasel said yes
The little bird said no
The bear picked his bag
And said goodbye to the crow

A light shone upon the jungle
The tiger chewed on grass
A deer hunted down a zebra
A crocodile let a rabbit pass

A hunter stood all bewildered
Another hunter dropped his gun
One mumbled and walked away
One heard it said that it was no fun

A drop of violence wandered aimlessly
In the jungle where peace had descended
Tigers and monkeys roamed in harmony
The eternal feud had ended

The came man, armed with bigger guns, they all had a lot of fun.


  1. We like your jungle song....:-)

  2. its been long since i last came here, but reading ur excuisite poetry makes me promise myself that i'll come back for sure!