Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Blogger Wonders

Am I typing my madness to empty space
Are people reading something in this place
These lazy buggers won't leave a comment
Are they so happy to observe my torment?

I spend my time rhyming this shit
I put up a feed, cbox and counter for hits
There is even an email subscription too
Then why don't I get comments from you?

I don't mean to get preachy I just want to entertain
Get some of the madness into your brain
But you just come and read, don't the words move you?
Would it take a song from me on youtube to groove you?

But if I sang a song you won't be able to take it
Till the end of it you won't be able to make it
So know what to do I'm done with dropping hints
Be a good reader and leave me comments!!!


This is dedicated to all the comment hungry bloggers :)


  1. awww sweetie...
    as long as i'm around you should know your voice is being heard by some'one'

  2. hahahhahhahahhahhahhahha....

    Sorry bro...was restricted to my room with no access to net by these rains....expect more from me .....:D:D

    that was superb......:)

  3. huhahahahaha
    alif laila alif laila

  4. hahahhahaha.. very good poem.. hahaha

  5. ohhhh nothingman! see? i de-lurked on my first visit ... *grin

  6. oh brilliant!!!!
    this is funny stuff!!!
    this stuff is indeed degenerate...but a refreshing change from the stuff u get to see on blogsphere..including mine!!!