Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today, like Yesterday

There was a ghost in my head today
He told me a story and he went away
I wrote it down for all to see
I found company in my misery

I saw a bird in the sky today
For a change not a vulture this time
A crow that came from far away
And told me all the words that rhyme

For some reason time is slow today
It's been two hours since I last said something
Slavery is much better some days
At least you get paid for doing nothing

I read a poem on a blog today
Sad it was but it made me laugh
So I wrote a pointless one from my side
So you can laugh on my behalf

Now say ha ha


  1. hmmm i see how your day has been
    well i'm goinh to say ha ha and try to feel better...

  2. guess that poem must be mine!!

    Well how did that make u laugh man??? :0

  3. Du...

    Glad I could be of help in making you laugh :)

    Jeya...hey right on buddy! tales of depression and sadness are all pretty funny...given that this poetry blog has to be the funniest blog ever!