Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stray Words Strung Together

My heart is full of lead
There's a memory in my head
Something I'm keeping for a rainy day
A photograph that will never fade away

Someone's leaving on a plane
The voice is now in my brain
Speaking a poem on a lost goodbye
I don't wanna shut it, I don't wanna try

I feel like destroying something beautiful
When all the world is black and white dull
I can do it but I doubt if I can
What will God say to this man?

My thoughts are stray and broken tonight
I gave up then I started the fight
It's futile I know, cuz no one really wins
When the end comes, you have to pay up for your sins.


  1. it is a pleasure reading your verses, a relief from gore-ridden stories on your other blog :P

  2. aah u started to compose poems...

    a new genre from u!

    about this poem:
    beautiful carved imagery.. stray thoughts like u have mentioned, a feeling of wholeness yet abstarct in sentiments

  3. the poems are all good... wonder what you mean by "sins" here..!!

  4. what photograph is this mister??