Monday, July 16, 2007

Somewhere Fear

A raging fury builds slowly
Volcanos seethe inside me head
I crawl into the darkness within
And talk to things under my bed

The voices speak of all things strange
Of madness, dreams, death and pain
Of lands where everyone is deranged
And sermons relayed through the insane

I listen
I hear
I remember
I fear

I wait for them to come for me
To take me away, on my way
To somewhere strange, to something new
Away from me and all of you.


  1. last four lines are i allowed to say..gud???

  2. what strange land would u find which will seem stranger than where u reside?
    needless to say-good going.

  3. Ig....You can only say bad things about the poem, sorry gud not allowed ;)

    Poison...May be those strange lands are better than what we have here :)

    Thanks :)