Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Senselessness

What have I done with all my life's time
What can be the reward for all my crimes
Who will be the judge and the jury for this man
What can I do with all this stupid fury, if I can.

The questions fall on my head like ugly raindrops
I can't complain cuz I don't understand
This hopelessness has stemmed from the best of my hopes
A life once alive is now bleeding in my hands

As I watch this world turn, move, rush and spin
The monster smiles in my mind and sometimes it grins
I keep a diary of my sins and add them all in my head
To argue with god on gates of hell whenever when I'm dead

This sadness of senselessness has taken over me
I am so engulfed in myself that there is nothing I can see
There is a word in my book, that was never meant to be
All wounds hurt and the last one kills, can the truth set a soul free?

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