Saturday, December 9, 2017


the stars sing a dirge tonight
trapped as they are in strands of night
a forest of impossibilities
enveloping universes
as comets hurl themselves
through the endless space
of sinful thoughts
that float
in a web of infinities

Friday, December 8, 2017


the water dripping from a tap
the clocks ticking in the hall
talking codes to each other
in the jittery alien drawl

there is a song in this silence 
a melody crushed and bruised 
by the repetition ad-infinitum
never heard, yet over used

some talk of angels and mermaids
drowning just to hear their songs
some are stuck in their own heads
sifting rights from the wrongs

there is no pride in acceptance 
of what is and what's meant to be 
for who knows of tomorrow 
or if we'll still be here to see

Monday, December 4, 2017

the churn

after the darkness
when there's no hope for light
when the sun is just a dream
in the eyes of the night

when the pain is a needle
stuck deep in your spine
and the red haze is surreal
to keep you misaligned

when the anger is solid
like a dwarf star dying
and the weight is too much
but you still keep on trying

vapid verisimilitudes
vanishing vanities
vehement vexations
violently vile
and through it all
there is still a smile

Thursday, November 30, 2017

the burn

there is a fire
that burns
in the sky
in the heart of man
that forces change
in everything
so through the pain
through the hurt
through the hate
the words we blurt
there is a meaning
in everything
even in cages
some birds sing
in the wild
wolves howl
inside hearts
twisted scowls
the burn is real
only if
you dare to feel

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

in her shadow

Evening comes

Draped in shadows and regrets

All that could-should-would have been

Melodies heard and heaven seen

When pain becomes anesthesia

Mild discomfort of its presence

Touch and prod to see if it's real

Dissecting memories just to feel


Saturday, November 25, 2017


the whisper is a scream
coming from beyond the dark mountains
a warning, an instruction, an insult
a knell for the arrival of pain

keep it together, the night whispers
while the insects crawl inside my bones
chittering their rebellions, vexing susurrations
while all my defenses are gone

everything is open, all naked
revealed to the elements
the shock to the system
is yet to strike home

in the end at the finish line
bewildered, surprised
how did we make it this far
did we run or did we hide

Monday, November 13, 2017

the taste

rancid bite marks
tattoos of mistakes
swirling in the muddy waters
of past and memories
nostalgia is a bitch
with fangs made of rusted steel
the infection is for the ages
this longing shall not heal
the bitter taste of coal and ashes
can't just spit it out
they will have to rip this jaw out
and this throat, this heart, and lungs
to make this caricature something human
perhaps, mayhaps, there is some hope
no matter how bleak
perhaps, the sun still rises
somewhere in the east
shrouded in the visions of the past
while the future looks on with dead eyes