Thursday, November 26, 2015

i don't like bob dylan

i don't even like bob dylan
but i like some of his songs
i think i might hate that old fuck
with his grating voice and holier-than-thou attitude

it's easy to criticize, y'know
any online monkey can do that
you don't even need skills or charm
you can even write shit about bob dylan

then there are days when I wonder
what it'd be like to have a grandfather like bob dylan
he'd be old and wrinkely and full of stories
(i never knew my grandfather, he kicked the bucket too soon)

but really, i don't even know if bob dylan is still alive
many people die young, but old drugged up droogs always survive
i listen to bob's songs sometimes, on sad shitfuck evenings
on rare occasions, the lyrics make sense


No disrespect for Mr. Dylan. Just poetic license. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

feel so blank today

i am chasing a lot of words
they keep running away from me
i make ropes of my fingers
and try to bring them in

but the words are slippery and sly
they slip, slide and scamper away
i am running here and there looking for them
but they do not come my way

maybe i should use magnets
maybe i should use some kind of bait
maybe i should threaten them
but time is short, i am already late

there are deadlines hovering on my head
like vultures with curved beaks and sharp claws
they see and they want me dead
but they'll never drag this keyboard from my paws

i feel sad, so sad, i cannot work but
my heart is a wolf, a demon, a rapscallion dark
so i use the pen and the paper, to make my mark
cuz the bite of this fucker is worse than his bark

Monday, November 16, 2015


all the salt was in my plate
but i said nothing
as i shoved bitter spoonfuls
in my mouth
cuz no one else said anything
maybe something was wrong with my tongue
maybe i was feeling too sensitive with the food
so i kept eating
and i kept dreaming
of burning rice fields 
all over the fucking world
so i kept chewing
bitter mouthfuls
like a dog
that knows nothing better
you've got to eat 
at the end of the day
you've got to sleep
in the bed you've made
so chew on, brother
chew on
maybe you'll get used to this too

Monday, November 9, 2015

No poem today

Cuz I'm away
Sitting in a train
But In my brain
The words do sway

And what do they say?
Stop whiling boy
You've got this toy
Put it to use and type away

So here's some words
They're yours to keep
They blip blop bleep
So Hold them close or they'll fly like birds

Sunday, November 8, 2015


There is no silence in my head
Only a steady buzz of the unknown
Darkness liberated from womb of the earth
I stare into the void that's my phone

My retinas are used to the blue white glow
I don't sleep till the battery is low
Sometimes I'm awake till the break of dawn
Lockscreen notifications are always on

Wake up

The cycle goes on

I had a chance at silence once

So I sit here staring at these walls
Wishing I was lost, roaming in some mall
Knocking on closed shutters and scratching the glass
I'm addicted to pulling rhymes out of my ass

I missed doing this. So much missing. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Egg of Misery

I thought there was one
But in reality there were two
I thought I was alone in my pain
But God threw me in the mix with you

Now we both float in this cloud of dust
Overtaken by mutant radiation and disgust
Skin is falling apart in patches, so is hair
If I wasn't here would you be there, I don't care

The stain on my heart is the spit in your mouth
When I told you my sins you didn't even shout
I told I told I told you so many different things
Now all's said and done and the fat lady doesn't sing

The egg of misery is finally broken
In black and green goo we both lie open
My throat is jammed and you want to kiss me
If I don't get to breathe, then soon you will miss me.

Old poem, from 2011 I think.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Stars Disappear

The mock derision in your eyes
Has captured me surprised
Which one of us has lied
About hating the other's guts?
I am just mesmerized
By your iff's and but's
The scent of your skin
The secrets held within
So let my words trail
From the tip of your tongue
To your pretty toenails
Speak to me love
Tell me your desire
Speak to me love
Call me a liar
Talk to me under the light of moon
Fill me with your love
So when the night is over
And the day shines bright
I come back again
To you