Friday, May 22, 2015

the dogs of darkness

i miss your fucking streets
miss the dogs of darkness
guarding everything 
that didn't give a fuck about them

i miss your fucking bullshit
your erratic weather
every time it pissed rain 
every time it got hot as hell

i miss your fucking sunsets
when at 7 PM
the sky went insane
for a minute or two

most of all i miss myself
i miss being in you
breathing your foul air
kissing the dreams away


i spent a lot of night walking through the streets with just dogs for company. they were all good dogs. they never bit me, that's good enough.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fistful of Dust

Doctor, sir, professor,

We must open this man

There are things inside him

That the others don't understand

He's got his eyes fixated

His pupils dilated

His tongue is black

I think he's had a heart attack

Now that he is dead

We'll get into his head

While it might sound sick

We'll find what makes him tick

There is blood inside him

Some flesh

Lot of bones

And this something unknown

Sir, this fucker doesn't even have a heart

He is totally, completely missing this part

Just a fistful of dust where that organ should be

Just a fistful of dust

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kill All Poets

This has to be done

Not tomorrow, not day after
Not next month, or next year
The time is not near
The time is here

(right fucking now)

We're going to round these fuckers up
Put them on their knees in a dirty playground
The line will go for miles and miles
But we have the time

All these rhymers
Free flow junkies
Dying old timers
Iambic pentameter monkeys

What you loved has finally found you, motherfucker
Now it's going to kill you all
Steel will fill your head till your thoughts leak out
It will beat you to death with a fucking dictionary 


that's all i have to say.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Circles and Spirals

It was a long time ago
(really long time ago)
when i read that poem

some star-struck, heart-broken poet wrote
lovers are like two points of a compass
always connected
dancing with each other

but real life is not that simple
lovers can't draw a circle and call it quits
there are things that divide the circles
there are words we don't know the meaning of
there are lines that run parallel never to meet
like train tracks headed into a dark tunnel

i wish loving someone was as simple as a circle
you sacrifice everything and expect nothing
but human heart is a son of a bitch
always needing to scratch that invisible itch

if you don't scratch that itch, it will drive you insane
and when it ends, you might not remember your name

there are spirals within the circles, and we're all tied in our silent coves
spinning threads that might just bring us closer
or send us away from each other


I need to get back to this blog, I swear I do.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


I thank god
the one above
the one below
one who knows me
the one i know
i thank them both
for giving me the insight
and the evil in my veins
where the blood has turned black
and my morals have slacked
making me lazy
slightly crazy
and the memories kinda hazy
but i remember
the december
i remember
what i need to
i do
i am telling you
there is no lie in that
when lies are all i tell
so just know that
you can't
lie to a liar

i will cut my own throat and bleed all over you
cuz just like you, i don't give a fuck too

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Is it finally over?
Close the doors
Clean the dishes
Shut the lights
And the blinds

Finally alone.
Is it all done?

Sitting alone on the floor
Feeling bored and ignored
Thoughts all over the place
Where is the cure?

I think I will float away
From all this
Go somewhere else
Where I might have a chance
At happiness
Or a new mess.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Into Two

Pull me here
Push me there
Press the buttons
Grind the gears

All my thoughts
All my fears
All I see
All I hear

They push me pull me
Here n there
Through this fog
Nothing seems clear

But there is always a place
Where I can hide
Where I don't have a face
And I don't choose a side

It's always me alone
In the end
The game is already fixed
No matter how much we pretend


This is about fate.

Thanks, you know who you are.