Tuesday, February 14, 2017


blood lubes the gears
that spin, whirl, and twirl
in the brainpan of the man in red
the dude they know as gearhead

stuck in the desert of life
his struggle is never ending
when he's not hunted by his demons
he practices pretending

gearhead walks all day and night
skin burnished and blessed by blight
smoke runs from his ears and eyes
he glares at the settings suns in the skies

his quest takes him to deepest holes
gearhead can take on many roles
the gears spin, they help him think
so low is he, he can't help but drink

he drinks the blood of lost travelers
to keep the gears spinning nice
addicted to roaming, he keeps walking
perhaps, that is his only vice

an image, of a man with gears protruding from his bleeding skull under twin desert suns on a distant planet.

Monday, February 13, 2017

poison tongued messiah

his forked tongue
his words forced
litter up the skies
the venom strong
his words wrong
the DNA of lies
the messiah is here
his face is white
powdered by ashes of future
he chomps up
the bones of past
the meat garnished with fear
haunted, wanted
the mouth of hell
opens wide
it whispers, well
invites you
to the other side
they crawl together
the children of the dark
fingers linger
on the dead king's mark
if they were dead
they're now alive
animated by a spark
lit by the words
of a poison tongued messiah

Friday, February 10, 2017

violent agendas

I don't go to theaters anymore
The violence on the screen
Doesn't make me hard
But if I close my eyes
The reels start to play
Scenes on the screen of my mind
on bone trees, eyeballs dangle
Odin gave his eye for knowledge
I am stupid as fuck
And I see
As the real world vanishes
Blurrrrrrs right in front of my eyes
The screen in my head
Becomes my reality
I am the Alpha
the movies in my head
will give cancer to PETA
my violent agendas
black roses in my garden
i water them with my fears
while my word drowns in tears

Thursday, February 9, 2017


the void calls out to me
in my sleep
febrile dreams haunt me
sitting on my chest
malevolent bast
staring into my soul
stripping my sin from bones
i am surrounded by humanity
yet, so alone
if there ever was any hope for me
it's over
done for
no more
i've drowned that bag of puppies
in a swamp that i created
filled with my mistakes
and bad decisions
sins of my father
now i see in my reflection
i'd try and do better
if only i could take action
but the void has got my soul now
it chomps, bites, and swallows chunks
to regurgitate and rebuild me
keep me trapped in this funk
so why do i keep going
so why do i keep waking up
to dig my teeth in the neck of the void
but that's maybe
i've nothing better to do

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tartarus Spinning

Stuck in place
Stuck in time
Tartarus spinning
For my crimes
Little sins
Over ages, compounded
My dreams, shackled
Imprisoned, impounded
I carve out new links
With my teeth
My fingers bleeding
As my guts wreathe
Used to the pain
Chaos, noise, disorder
The silence burns my ears
Embrace me, Tartarus

Friday, January 20, 2017

Medusa Mourning

Love leaks
Air from an old balloon
Looks alright, inflated tight
It'll lose its will to live soon

No sparks in this tinder anymore
A sense of possession, that's all
To belong is not to be owned
Moths to the flame, aren't we all?

Crunch bitter words
With bloodstained teeth
Lie in a cold bed
But inside, seethe

Slap these rhymes on my face, love
Tell me "no, not that" one more time
And I'll say I love to hear you say so
And you'd believe that it's all fine

Friday, January 13, 2017

Vulture Words

Words circle me
Vultures with no culture
Waiting for a meal

I lie in my bed
Stare at the virtual ceiling
Flipping rhymes in my head
Just to catch some kind of feeling

A feeling that would stick
When all else falls away
A feeling that would trick
Me on my fucking way

The words blur
They're shifting
In my dreams
I'm drifting
The vultures sit
On my shoulders
Pecking pieces
From my fucking brain