Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Gatekeeper(2 of 3)

Hello, little tachyon
What are you doing here
All alone?
What are you looking for?
This place isn't your home
Yes, there used to be things here
But you'd not know their names
There used to be some ancient beings here
And they liked to play ancient games
What kind of games, you ask
Games of loss and desire
Games of love and fire
Games of joy and pain
Games that drive tachyons insane
So boy, fuck out of here
This place is madness and fear
Fuck off little tachyon
This place isn't for you
How the fuck did you even reach here?
The directions aren't posted anywhere
This place has no space for little fucks like you

but the little tachyon stands his ground 
he stares at the gatekeeper who looks all around
defiance building up in its little heart
he dares the gatekeeper to look in his eyes
but he won't!
so the little tachyon decides
that he will go through and he won't abide
whatever this place is, he will explore
till he finds something that will keep him
from getting bored

the gatekeeper blinks and the tachyon is gone
he stands there blinking like a fool, all alone

Friday, September 25, 2015

Glitch (1 of 3)

A lonely tachyon
through darkness

looking for something
that won't be there
for another hundred years

still it keeps seeking
emotions leaking
without speaking

the lonely tachyon
through darkness

spreading discontent
disorder, disturbing intents
in its wake

poisoned thoughts
soul stuck in a glitch
of memories and noise

A tachyon's journey, told through poetry?)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Experiment

Here's an experiment,
You can do it in the comfort of your home
In fact, we, at Omega Machine, encourage you
To try this at home

Choose a well lit room
Choose the biggest mirror
Choose your face
Yes, that beautiful face

Now, look
Really look
Look hard in the eyes in that mirror
Look how those eyes stare at you
Stare into those eyes
But don't get hypnotized

Still here?
This is the second phase of the experiment
And, we are sorry to say, this might hurt a bit
But that's okay!
It's supposed to hurt, you know
What's life without a bit of pain?

Now stretch your right arm in front of your face
Face your palm, look at the lines in your hand
What do they tell you?
Move that arm clockwise
Till it's parallel to your cheek
Then slap yourself as hard as you can
Till you're ready to face the world
(i am so sorry)

Friday, August 21, 2015

How Could You

How could you just

Flick a switch and go silent

When you've made home in my veins
And your exit will be fucking violent

How could you just 

So calmly ignore all that I've said

When your words still ring in my ears 
And your thoughts fill up my head

How could you just

Expect me to not cry and whine

When your absence has left a hole in me

And now I'll never be fine

Thrice you told me no 

And you told me to go

But even if I drown myself

I'll drift up at your shores

(Wrote on my tumblr, cross posted here)

Monday, July 13, 2015

I wrote this poem for you

  • See, I wrote this poem
  • If you’ll listen to it, I’ll read
  • You sweetly tell me “later”
  • You’re busy watching TV
  • We both know there won’t be later
  • It hasn’t been here since ‘13
  • You’ll forget but I’ll remember
  • All the things that haven’t been
  • If you think that I’ll feel guilty
  • Then, Mrs., I’ve got news for you
  • If you won't listen to my poems
  • I'm sure someone else will do
  • (cross posted from my tumblr)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chainsaw Forest

You'll hear it before you see it
They're always on
You'll fear it before you be it
Don't dare to go there alone

Behind the hill
In the valley
By the stream
Lies the forest

All of them hear
The noise that never ends
All of them fear
But everyone pretends

Maybe we could meet there
Weave our way through the whirring spines
Maybe we could bleed there
Fuel the ground for some more time

This world is a chainsaw forest for me and you
It hungers, screams, lusts for bloody fuel
We could be careful as fuck as we tread through
While we wrap wicked wounds with weary words

For you, because you love alliteration.