Monday, November 13, 2017

the taste

rancid bite marks
tattoos of mistakes
swirling in the muddy waters
of past and memories
nostalgia is a bitch
with fangs made of rusted steel
the infection is for the ages
this longing shall not heal
the bitter taste of coal and ashes
can't just spit it out
they will have to rip this jaw out
and this throat, this heart, and lungs
to make this caricature something human
perhaps, mayhaps, there is some hope
no matter how bleak
perhaps, the sun still rises
somewhere in the east
shrouded in the visions of the past
while the future looks on with dead eyes

Saturday, October 28, 2017


the cosmos trapped inside me
the world still won't let me be
a ball of rage in my ribcage
shut my mouth and turn the page

swallow the anger, the pain, the fear
till the words blur, fogged up, unclear
it all means nothing, filled with zeros
a world of villains killed all the heroes

in the end it's always you, no one to stand by your side
from the hammer of doom, no place you can hide
it will come, oh, it will come, that's for sure
to destroy everything that's true and pure

till then drown yourself in the drudge of daily life
easy to be distracted in a world full of strife
every small problem is a chance to be occupied
in your head you rip apart every time they lied

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Missing Heart

He woke up one morning
Like every other morning
But the only difference, he felt with a start
No sound of beating came from his heart

He slowly put his feet on the cold floor
Took one breath, and then took some more
Somewhere inside, he wanted to scream
And hope the sound would shatter his dream

But the floor was cold under his feet
He got up and started to brush his teeth
With one hand on his chest, he tried to feel
But the absence of beats was just too real

Filed a leave from the office and drove to the hospital
A doctor prodded his chest and looked a bit ill
"Sir, there is no sound of beat in your chest,
we'll have to open you up, that would be the best."

He didn't really care one way or another,
It was just a mystery he wanted answers to
In a few hours, he was lying etherized on a table
His chest open and doctors peering in the hole

Through a daze, he heard the doctors discuss
How there was no heart pumping blood in his chest
Only a circuit board with diodes blinking
In the haze of the drugs, he started sinking

He woke up again and everything looked so neat
He placed his hand on his chest and through the bandages felt the beat
We fixed your heart, they said, it's beating alright now
They looked sure as cocks, but he was doubtful somehow

Back home, he took a kitchen knife to his chest
It hurt to cut, but he sliced through the meat
The circuit board stared back at him in the mirror
Coupled with a small heartbeat speaker

Fuck doctors.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


some are touched by greatness
some lick the lollipop of mediocrity
some languish in a haze of laze
some dream of leveling cities

but dreams are dreams
and screams are screams
the slices made of failure
and ambition is sandwiched in between

if you don't take a bite
you will never know the taste
if you don't take a chance
will this life be a waste?

you could be happy right here
in the dullness and the silence
but how will you silence your heart
that seeks a promise of violence

through the anger and the rage
through the words on the page
join the jigsaw of this life
and maybe find a way out of this maze

bite the sandwich or get away from the plate.


1 AM and I'm watching TV
Happened to see me in the mirror 
The scowl on my face 
Is like an unwelcome guest on his fourth day in a house
The advertisements entice me
Fill my head with pretty colours
Make me want all the things 
That are not good for me
(How about a chilled diet Coke? Or maybe a new TV?)
It's 1 AM and I'm watching TV
The movie makes no sense to me 
Maybe I should change the channel
But the remote is missing
The TV will shut down on its own
After a while
Maybe I'll try to sleep and wonder
If there is a reboot button for the universe and this life. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

One in the Chamber

an uneasy feeling
in the pit of my stomach
is the weather changing
or am I?

should I get out the proper clothes
or choose a pen and paper
should I pop a pill
or puke it all on the page?

there was a time when I thought I knew
how it all worked, the colossal machine that turned
but the grit of failure coats my teeth
the bridges of my convictions behind me burned

the only thing to know is that you know nothing
you can bang your head in walls and never understand
when the question is to kill or be killed
what stays the hand of a man?

perhaps a gun is pointed at my head
one bullet in a chamber, a sword on a thread
when will the finger of fate pull the trigger?
and if it clicks empty, will I cry or snigger?


eat the world

a gnawing hunger
loud as thunder
threatens to rip
the fabric of the world

more, give me more
then give me some
the hunger will only end
with the setting of the sun

as the moon rises
the darkness will rise the same
the need to eat, to consume, to devour
to put something in my mouth again

chew, crunch, bite and swallow
this flesh coffin is still hollow
no matter how much I eat
this hunger I cannot beat

once I've eaten the world
I will eat the heavens too
then will come to turn of hell
once I am done with that, I will eat myself