Saturday, February 7, 2015


I thank god
the one above
the one below
one who knows me
the one i know
i thank them both
for giving me the insight
and the evil in my veins
where the blood has turned black
and my morals have slacked
making me lazy
slightly crazy
and the memories kinda hazy
but i remember
the december
i remember
what i need to
i do
i am telling you
there is no lie in that
when lies are all i tell
so just know that
you can't
lie to a liar

i will cut my own throat and bleed all over you
cuz just like you, i don't give a fuck too

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Is it finally over?
Close the doors
Clean the dishes
Shut the lights
And the blinds

Finally alone.
Is it all done?

Sitting alone on the floor
Feeling bored and ignored
Thoughts all over the place
Where is the cure?

I think I will float away
From all this
Go somewhere else
Where I might have a chance
At happiness
Or a new mess.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Into Two

Pull me here
Push me there
Press the buttons
Grind the gears

All my thoughts
All my fears
All I see
All I hear

They push me pull me
Here n there
Through this fog
Nothing seems clear

But there is always a place
Where I can hide
Where I don't have a face
And I don't choose a side

It's always me alone
In the end
The game is already fixed
No matter how much we pretend


This is about fate.

Thanks, you know who you are.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the art of doing nothing

there is a certain perverse joy
in sitting and staring at a wall
with no concern, no thought
no fear of the future at all

even if the future is crawling
after you at its slow pace
you can just sit and stare at your wall
just resign from the rat race

the art of doing nothing
it takes years to master
but once you've got the hang of it
you can do nothing faster

stare at walls long enough
the walls start staring back at you
when you want to do nothing
there is nothing you can do


The man looks perfectly okay on the outside
His skin is shiny with sweat of hard labor
All his afflictions, he manages to hide
He hides everything he abhors 

Beneath his skin, his life is a war
He speaks heathen prayers, alone
His soul ripples, filled with scars
For him, there is no home

At night he sleeps a dreamless sleep
He feeds his fears to the termites
They crawl under his skin deep
He used to, but now he never fights

The man looks perfectly okay
Inside him, his bones are rotten 
He fades away one fine day
All alone, forgotten

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Darkness Engine

I have an engine where my heart should be
It's running on my blood 
I'm puking smoke from one end
Fire from the other

These fucking chains?
They cannot hold me!
I will break through them
Like a comet streaking across the dying night sky

This engine seeks no destination
The real fun is the chase, not the catch
Forged in the fires of creation
Its fire was lit by the first match

The power that made me
Is the power that will break me
Nothing else can or will stand in my way
I will go on forever, always

I will ride these black roads into the dead lands
I will go beyond the city of souls
I will rush through the screaming hoards of hell
I will not stop, even for heaven

Till the speed kills me
Till the speed kills me


This is the longest I've been without my bike. Ever. I am missing my baby like anything. This one is for her.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

All poetry is dead

The words revolted one day
After ages of use and abuse
They crawled off the pages 
Of every book and every screen
They bled from their cages
And dug into the eyes 
Of every idiot 
Who dared to call herself a poet
They bored in like maniacal miners
Looking for a way out
An escape 
From certain death on pages
Where they were destined to fade and grow yellow with age
Where they were condemned to be forgotten
The words revolted through the world
A world that didn't deserve them
A world that abused the power given to it
A world that shat on the opportunities
A world that didn't give a fuck about the future or the past