Sunday, June 25, 2017

the circle

i've looked into the distance
i've seen the roads curve
i've looked into my existence
i've seen my demons swerve

there is only one rule on the road of life
speed, as fast as you can go
even if you ride the edge of knife
there are some things you better not know

what seems on the surface
is rarely within
what comes from within
rarely reaches the surface

it's all a risk
a chance
an arrow in the dark
headlights off, accelerator on
never stop, move on, go on
and then maybe you'd dare
to love and
to be loved
who can be the judge
of these things

you can't bottle up emotions
some things are meant to spring
even if you poison the gardens
some birds will find a song to sing

it all comes back to the same place
in the end, we are all alone
when you're looking in the mirror for your face
do you see a killer with a heart of stone?

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