Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Village -- Messenger

don't shoot the messenger, he cried
but they held arrows fast at him
their questions were sharp and difficult
so obviously, he lied

i've come from beyond the mountains
where the sorcerer's opened a gate
there are demons pouring in our world
their heads are filled with hate

our time is running out, good sirs
i must talk to the mayor
for the diabolical demons
might just be headed here

the guards were slightly sceptical
but they knew something was off
this messenger wanted to enter the city
but he looked like such a doff

the senior guard then took a decision
to take the messenger to the mayor
they opened the gate and took him in
but then the fucker disappeared

they looked for him in the city
every dark corner, every shade
but everyone missed the messenger
who was busy milking the village milkmaid

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