Monday, October 31, 2016

The Village -- Musician

He woke up in middle of the night
And struck his bow to his fiddle
He woke up all his neighbors
And the babes he wanted to diddle

The sounds emerged weird and strange
Like the sounds of a dying cat
But he was shameless like a whore
And he laid out his hat

On his door, then people banged
Begging him to stop
But he was an aural terrorist
With hair like a dirty mop

"Put coin in my hat
Beer at my door
So I can get my funk
Take your whining asses
To the Mayor
Cuz I don't give a fuck"

The musician was a fool
To fuck with people needing sleep
They ripped him into pieces
And went back to counting sheep

They found his broken fiddle
Right next to his broken bones
The musician was a lonely fucker
And so he died alone

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Village -- Mother

Mother, oh mother
am I still sinless enough
to be called your son?
is there still some water
in the well of your love
or has it dried too
like the tears from your eyes

Mother, oh mother
i come to you on my knees
begging begging, begging
won't you look me for a moment
mother, your son is thirsty

Mother, oh mother
my bones are broken
my skin is pierced
my blood is leaking from my skin
mother, please forgive my sin

Mother, oh mother
i did everything you said
i killed and killed and killed some more
i killed when i didn't want
i killed when i wasn't sure
mother please don't turn away

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Village -- Monster

That thing rose up from a bog
It looked like a super stinky dog
Three eyed, eight legged, mouth full of teeth
You'd smell hell, if you felt it breathe

It shook the poison off its skin
Spraying the bog with unholy sin
The drops sank in where they fell
Rotting things back into hell

It smelled the fresh meat up in village
And calmly it padded forth to pillage
Hope, faith, love, and all things nice
But all of them would not suffice

To fill the hunger in its belly
The beast of souls, trod out all smelly
It crunched through the trees and the logs
Into the village, where people loved eating dogs

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Village -- Maiden

She hid her honor from the world
But spread her legs like a scissor
In the privacy of her barn
Where her lover came,
To meet her

She was the apple of the eye
Of every boy in the village
But she bit a different apple
Much too supple
For her age

With eyes that held secrets
And lips that were wet
Her beauty was a sunset
That no fucker
Could ever forget

But they found out
Found her secret
Caught her in the barn
With her lover was over

But for her it was all fine
As her last wish
She said, "In a single grave
Bury us in a 69."

Poem 2, is a fuck you to the world, even in death.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Village -- Murderer

the children are running through the streets
there is an execution in the great hall tonight
they'll hang the murderer by his neck
to comfort the murdered's plight

they found her body in the sewers
rats had eaten her eyes
the found the murderer in a bar
and they beat the truth from his lies

he had met her on a soft afternoon
they had done things that men and women do
but then the beast had taken over
what then happened was nothing new

he broke her neck in his big hands
then he cried near her corpse
he thought drink would dull his senses
but only murder he spoke

so come, let's go to the big hall
mother father brother all
let's watch that sister fucker hang
his sin is big, but punishment small

we'll cut his corpse to pieces
defile it in ways unimaginable
he'll pay for his sins in afterlife
after all, we're all animals

New series of poems. Will be writing on this in between regular poems. This is the first, there are more planned.

As always, thanks for reading.


finding love isn't easy
there is loads you need to do
you need to be strong and ready
before love finds you

plan ahead, rent a storage space
to keep love there once you find it
buy a lock made of sturdy steel
a locked door is better than a closed pit

some people travel far and wide
to search places where love can hide
they look and see to catch a sight
of this strange animal hiding in fright

love is a scaredy cat with sharp claws
love doesn't know fairness or any laws
love is a battlefield with bodies burning
love is a journey with no hope of returning

so when you go to find love, my love
carry your knives, swords and your gun
love is war every step of the way
did someone say it'd be fun?

it's gonna be tough to find love and hunt it down
but one day you will and then you'll turn around
by what you see, promise me, you won't get scared
when love finds you, the pain would be rare

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Whale song

Uh, I wrote this whole poem about a poem called the whale song
But my phone ate that poem
So, well, my dear, let's go meta on this beta
Because since when did any of us care about some invincible rules
Of rhyme and meter and phonetics and such
We were never the kinds to give a fuck
Anyhow, as I was saying
The poem was a question about what whales do when they're in mood for mating
Out in the deep blue, there are no apps for dating
Do whales get horny and feel love struck
After all day of swimming even whales need to fuck
So the whales sing their song
Even if it takes too long
Till they get a ping back
From another whale in mood for a love snack
Maybe Aquaman should do something
Open a mating school for fish
Cuz, sir, I for one
Would pay to watch whales kiss

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

In Your Absence

The pigeons have become bold
They step right in the house
Demanding to be fed
Their guttural gut gut
A malfunctioning machine
So I throw them bread sometimes
Or corn
Or jelly beans
Or mints
Or crackle pop
Or tiny piece of bubble gum
Or tic tacs (orange flavour)
They sit on the couch with me
And we watch The Sopranos on tv
But they always fly to my neighbor's window
When they need to poop or pee
The pigeons have adopted me
In your absence

Monday, October 17, 2016


The fact of the matter
The sadness of eons
My zero is a halo
Now a noose around my neck
If I hang, then I hang.
But before with death I dance
I'm gonna take my chance
I will shout horror at the skies
With a raised fist
To tell the gods that dare listen
That I fuckin exist
There is a heart, not an engine
That in my chest beats
It's an angry drum machine
That will explode before it overheats
Till then this fucking thing
Will continue to sing
Sing the song even if
There is no one listening
But there is always one
And one is more than enough
One is better than two
For me the one is you.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Star like thoughts
That swirl and swirl
In the dark skies of the mind
Always looking, at the future
When they can't see what
They left behind

When you reach for the infinite
To touch it and pass it by
Are you eating desserted dreams of others
That are floating in the sky

And when you reach your final goal
Will it all be worth it
Will you whoop with joy
Or lie down tired
Ready to die

What's the cost of this struggle?
All this toil and trouble
Just so people will remember
And fondly speak your name?
Is infinite pain worth the fame?
But then, who the fuck do I blame?

More random than random.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Blackfoot Angels

I've seen angels
Their feet turned backwards
Smiles on their faces
They gathered in herds
On top of a mountain
It's name erased from memories
Only written in books
That people forgot how to read
Now the angels orbit my head
Like a crash victim in a cartoon
They flitter around like moths
That even eclipse the moon
Chainsaw wings, razor blade tongues
They spit out maniac verses
Laced with poison from their lungs
Blackfoot angels
They've finally come for me
They say come with us to a brave new world
I say I've got too much work, I'm not free!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

They Gave A Nobel to Bob Dylan

Look, I might not like Uncle Bob much
But I'm sure he's a pretty spiffy dude
Now that he's won a nobel prize for literature
Will it really change his attitude?

Something about this whole deal irks my teeth
I mean, he's a musician first, isn't he?
He should be awarded by music academies
Isn't that the way it should be?

What's he gonna do with the nobel?
Add it to his shelf of Grammies?
Will he write songs of protest and lost love?
While he's sitting in his jammies?

Just another feather in uncle bob's hat
A hat that looks like a peacock's ass
What the fuck was The nobel committed thinkin?
Shoving feathers in his hat won't make uncle bob a chicken.

Search for Bob Dylan to read two more poems about Bob Dylan on this blog.

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Bugs bugs bugs
I've got bugs in my pocket
I've got bugs in my bed
They've fucked up my programming
Now they're fucking with my head
I've talked to their representatives
I've sat with them in meetings
But no matter how much I placate them
I can't stop them from eating
Eating into my brain
Making my thoughts profane
I'd surely blame the bugs
If I wasn't already insane
Now I'm forgetting people
Forgetting places and names
Cuz I've got bugs in my head, ma'am
And I'm sick of their games
They're eating the good stuff
And I'm left with vile junk
Today the mirror looked at me and said
What you looking at, punk?

Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Zoo

My monkey whispers in my ear
As a black dog stares at me
Silently, from the corner of my room
If I look, it disappears -- but I know
I know, that black dog is there
The things the monkey says
Makes no or little sense
Just disjointed words strung together
In anticipation of suspense
My shark like thoughts keep swimming
In the muddy waters of my mind
Forward, but in circles
If they stop, I will drown
In some little corner of me
There is a bear cub, hibernating
Soft fur, hard nails and teeth
This machine is simply waiting
And the sloth in me
Oh what to talk of him
That crazy smile on his face
And the slow regard of violent things
It watches the zoo of me
With a promise in his eyes

Friday, October 7, 2016

Icarus Falling

the stupid fuck
that stupid fuck
he dared!

he flew too close to the sun
felt the wax melting off his wings
the wind in his face
screaming like a banshee
but Icarus
man, he was a smart motherfucker 
fell with a grin on his face
ready to taste
the ground
in a haste

as Daedalus watched
his heart in his throat
a prayer on his lips
but Icarus could keep the smile off his
after all, he was G.O.A.T

tumbling from the sky 
like a drunken marionette 
he looked up at the clouds
sent a prayer to the lord
balls of steel on that dude
just at the right altitude
he pulled the cord
and trust me it was cute
cuz Icarus had packed a fucking parachute

not sorry