Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Strangling the zeitgeist

Here we are again
Same old, yet new
With past hurts
And fearless enthusiasm
For brewing future mistakes
It's always a race
Even when you're standing still
For when you're standing still
My friend, you're losing
But maybe losing is winning
The finish line is a loop
And the winner start again
In the cycle of misery
So should I sit on my hands?
Or should I
Get a bike I like
Pack me a knife
Fill the tank with petrol
Find an open road
And go
Just fucking go
I could, but should I?
Or better, could I?
Could you?
Could any of us escape?
The glittering golden prisons that we create
On the bones of our parents' mistakes
Maybe I should just lie down and wait
For this feeling to pass
Maybe I should lie down and hate
This feeling of getting fucked in the ass
By the blunt knife of life
The in and out of years
As I count my birthdays
The cakes get smaller
And the candles more in number
I thought I was son of a gun
But my brain is getting number
I'll just lie down and wait
For something to take place
But then tell me, why can't I
No longer feel my face?

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